Mother in law private restaurant investment what advantage

investors want to know how many food restaurant this bitch mom Private franchise brand, in order to provide more information to investors to join, make good food and beverage brands, small series to introduce private investment was mom what are the advantages of restaurant.

Chongqing woman Ma food culture Co. Ltd. project "mother in law private restaurant" is a classic business Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine and Hangzhou cuisine, catering and hold warm, happy family theme restaurant.

as the country’s first most modern high-end classic Chinese food and catering combination of brand, woman mother private dish with its unique product model, and cordial, petty, personalized service out of a restaurant belonging to their own way, its success lies in the spirit of quality, health, public led to for this, as the business philosophy, advocating healthy and enjoy the delicacy and bring up the focus from the concept of happiness, let every customer to enjoy healthy delicacy and feel happy, modern, fashionable, out of the ordinary atmosphere.

woman mother private dish is committed to becoming the most worthy of respect and trust of the food and beverage brands, is committed to provide consumers with the most high-quality delicacy solutions and individuality, modern service, petty bourgeoisie.

woman mother private dish is the first proposed the mass consumption, mainly private restaurant dinner, "mother in law private restaurant" proposed "Chongqing happy family" business philosophy, relying on the atmosphere, retro and fashion style of decoration, soon in Jiangbei District in the catering industry to form a "family style" as diners, family dinners, preferred restaurant birthday party.

"bitch mom private restaurant", relying on the advanced management concept, excellent management style, excellent service quality and authentic taste of dishes such as attracting a large number of diners, in the district has become the largest number of meals, one of the largest restaurant sales.

bitch mom joined the four major advantages:

1, "Mom, I love the most" – scientific cuisine with

woman mother private dish mainly uses the Yangtze River to the south of the representatives of the local cuisine, Sichuan, Guangdong, to Hangzhou cuisine cuisine three main dishes, traditional Home Dishes type mining, development of folk popular among people.

2, exclusive chef operation, management system

to ensure the flavor of dishes authentic, we adopt local local food ideas, Sichuan chef is a native of Chengdu; Cantonese chef is authentic Cantonese; Hangzhou cuisine chef is a native of Shanghai.

3, creativity

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