Children’s day on the pocketbook lets us 818 which items make the most money

labor day, mother’s day has just ended, Children’s Day was followed by the. Compared with the general holiday, children’s Day is more profitable business opportunities, although the children do not make money, but their money is the best earned! Children’s Day is approaching, are you ready for a child to earn money? Today, Xiaobian introduce the related business focus and several children’s day, the crowd rushed to


children’s toys

children’s food

children’s books

to meet the children’s day, bookstores have specially designed venues for children of different ages, put on a variety of books, flashcards, children from the album to children’s Encyclopedia of everything. Xinhua Bookstore clerk Liu Xiaojie introduction, store children’s books are very rich, about tens of thousands of species. In order to create a happy, relaxed atmosphere of the festival, part of the bookstore also hung colored balloons, ribbons and other accessories. At the same time, the bookstore has also launched a series of promotional services, such as in the 61 day, where children’s books will receive a beautiful gift, etc..

children’s clothing

engaged in children’s clothing business, early to prepare promotional activities as one falls, another rises. In many brands, how to make your products stand out, get the favor of children and parents? Today, parents buy children’s clothing, not only requires fashion style, the pursuit of comfort and health, so children’s clothing design and fabrics are very important. United States and the United States children’s clothing in the summer is very hot, all the ecological stretch cotton are from green pollution-free ecological planting base, pay more attention to green and healthy growth of children, welcomed by parents.

this year due to Children’s Day as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the parents do not have to deliberately leave, so in order to accompany the child, the supermarkets more popular popularity, popular business is not to be missed. There are half a month, you ready?


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