Wen Fuzhen’s business

is also a shop to do business, it is just as a means of making a living, but it is really very love, even a small shop, but also as a sacred cause to do. Different attitudes, there will be a different business skills, and brought about by the natural outcome of the business will have a great difference. The smell is a full charm of this shop as a career, the achievement is remarkable.

Wen Fuzhen and the grocery store is located in Wuqiao County, the Jialing River Road on the north side of East Linxian County, Xinhua primary school and the first kindergarten, backed by high-grade villas, residential area west of Baidu. The store has nearly 100 square meters, the main tobacco and non-staple food, vegetables and fruits daily. Walk into Wen Fuzhen’s shop, she’s taking things to the customer. Wen Fuzhen smiled at me and said, "Why are you here, Miss Liu? You sit here for a while, I finished this array we chat again." In the past, when I was a teacher, I had taught her, so there is less after the meeting of the students and the formal. I told her, "I’m fine. Just look around. You’re busy."

soon, Wen Fuzhen deftly receives the customer, with the sweet voice of the customer to the door and sat down to chat with me. Speaking of himself a few years to do retail business process, with full charm smell. From her words, I feel her love and persistent pursuit of retail business. This reminds me of a philosopher who said: if a person can work as a career to do, then he was half of success. Wen Fuzhen is my business as a business to business, which makes its own shops flourish, Business Flourishes.

to clean the store, clean face to face the customer

Wen Fuzhen said, just started doing business, I shop clean, sanitary, layout and display is not too seriously. As the old saying goes, there is no meat stuffed buns, as long as I treat customers sincerely, the price is reasonable on the line. However, after the opening of my shop, has been lukewarm, no improvement.

later, in the county of tobacco companies Manager under the direction, I realized the importance of the store clean. Shop as our face, but also need to wash every day, clean up, dress up. So, I started from the shop of health, every day to wipe the dust on the counter, goods with a clean soft cloth, put the ground with a new cleaning mop. At the same time, the store layout was re adjusted. The cigarette counter moved from the location of the door to the sun can not get to the door to attract customer attention.

in the cigarette sorting, in accordance with the method of customer manager to teach, according to the different brands into "V" shape, shape, shape and other different shapes, to give the customer a visual impact. Every year I will adjust their pattern. Changes in the pattern, always give customers a bright new

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