How to join Ashampoo Malatang

Sichuan Chongqing region because of geographical reasons, leading to the local people are mainly spicy taste of the main, such as hot pot is the most famous Chongqing hot pot, renowned both inside and outside china. Of course, when it comes to Sichuan cuisine, there must be a few, it is hot and spicy. Such a food snacks can be seen everywhere in china.

hot and spicy is originated in Sichuan and Chongqing region, the traditional characteristics of snacks, spicy hot pot is also absorbed the merits of the improved. Is a kind of diet in Sichuan Chongqing region’s most distinctive and most representative of "Sichuan". Now this delicacy swept the country, is a representative of the brand Ashampoo Malatang, then Ashampoo Malatang to join


how to join Ashampoo Malatang

Ashampoo Malatang franchise:

1, the headquarters of the spicy products

2, accept headquarters management

3, with certain venture capital

4, with entrepreneurial passion

5, with a long-term vision

Ashampoo Malatang procedure:

1, get in touch with joining the development department by joining the hotline / website / visit

2, background investigation and feasibility analysis

3, signed a franchise contract

4, pay join fee

5, opening preparation

6, officially opened

7, continuous support

believes that through the introduction of more than you have to "how to join Ashampoo Malatang" have a complete answer, if about Ashampoo Mala you what other aspects, please give us a message on our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.

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