Xiamen strong strength in the era of intelligence

Since the reform and opening up of Xiamen

economic development, everyone is obvious to people, at the same time it adhere to the diversified development, follow the trend of the times constantly, the development of their own strength and achieved remarkable results. In the factory, the pipeline robot is busy; at home, home robot quietly for you to do the housework; in Xiangan Lianhe area, a modern aviation industrial park new completion…… Intelligent era, the strength of Xiamen, followed by small and into Xiamen.

yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal government website, "Xiamen advanced manufacturing industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been introduced, will strive to build Xiamen into a powerful advanced manufacturing industry base on the west side of the Straits and the emerging industry model city, become the domestic manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the first city.

built the Xiangan Aviation Industrial Park area Lian he cultivation of industrial robot industry

"planning" proposed the development of aircraft and aircraft engine maintenance, general aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, special vehicles, etc.. Among them, to build the Xiangan area aviation Lianhe Industrial Park, attracting less than 10 internationally renowned aviation manufacturing firms in 20-30 at home to cultivate high-tech aviation enterprise and innovation of modern aviation service enterprises.

in the next five years, we will cultivate the industrial robot industry, attract multinational groups to build factories, to promote the application of intelligent industrial robots in the city’s key industries, traditional industries and labor-intensive industries. Combined with networking, remote medical diagnosis and other technologies, the development of home robots.

accelerate the construction of the three phase of the Software Park Software Park started preparations for the four phase of the project

in the electronic information technology, the city will focus on big data, cloud computing, "Internet plus" and other emerging formats, focus on the development of software product development, information technology, e-commerce, digital content, information security services, accelerate the construction of a new generation of network information infrastructure. Including speeding up the construction of the three phase of the software park, preparing for the launch of the software park in the four phase, information consumption and the southern part of the Haicang Digital Industrial Park and other projects, the construction of China’s software city.

"planning" proposed the construction of Marine High-tech Industrial Park in Xiamen, vigorously develop the marine bio pharmaceutical industry, marine high-end equipment manufacturing, desalination and comprehensive utilization of marine high-tech service industry.

optimization and upgrading of traditional industries to develop independent brand


the traditional characteristic industry of agricultural products and food processing, textiles and clothing, sports equipment, tobacco products, glasses, things to do in the future is "improvement", namely enterprise intelligent, automated manufacturing water recommended

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