Hainan 100 business platform to support home business will be completed during 13th Five Year

governments at all levels will support migrant workers return home entrepreneurship as one of the priorities in 2016. Hainan launched a new construction project, will build 100 business platform in 13th Five-Year, to support the migrant workers in the industrial undertaking.

the opinions clear support for migrant workers and other personnel home business four major tasks: promoting the development of the industry to drive home business, city and county support the development of new industries, new formats, such as migrant workers returning home for business personnel to broaden the field of support for cities and counties to undertake the transfer of industries, promote industrial upgrading process, vigorously develop related industries, driven by migrant workers etc. staff home business; encourage local resources market driven home business field grafting;

Migrant workers and other personnel will be

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