s Hao greatly fragrant chicken process introduction

crisp chicken is one of people’s consumption of people now, chicken market is increasing year by year, caused many investors to join, join the brand chicken small series here for your special recommendation is Hao greatly fragrant chicken. The first step is to join the Hao greatly fragrant chicken, Xiaobian to introduce you with specific Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the process.

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken joined the process is as follows:

first, join consulting

1, message for Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined the data, a preliminary understanding of Howard greatly fragrant chicken business philosophy.

2, through questions and answers to questions.

two, intention location

is Hao greatly fragrant chicken how to join? On Howard greatly fragrant chicken joined after a detailed understanding of the details of the cooperation, can be targeted for investigation of Taiwan snack food market, the rational analysis of the local market, multi location.

three, join the application

initially find a location, this is Hao greatly fragrant chicken franchise application.

four, join negotiations

headquarters audit application, reached a preliminary cooperation intention to determine the franchise.

six, signed a contract

can determine the location in the franchisee and the headquarters signed a cooperation contract, (signed into signing to the headquarters in Shanghai) to pay training fees, annual management fees and raw materials in advance payment, after the commencement of the contract, which entered the preparatory stage shop, headquarters departments will follow up follow-up storefront preparatory work.

seven, store design

To ensure the

is greatly fragrant chicken Hao corporate image, unified business style specification, store hall and outdoor advertising signs, should be collaborative design headquarters.

eight, recruitment

15 days before the completion of the decoration in order to put up posters, newspaper ads or TV subtitles in the form of managers, clerks and other staff recruitment.

nine, apply for license

in the local authorities to apply for business license, tax registration, at the same time for fire, urban management, health, labor insurance and other related procedures.

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