How to locate the shop lights

want to make a physical store business is good, we need to do more work, of which the use of lighting is also very important. However, the current number of shop operators but not how to locate light. In fact, really want to play a role in the light, the owner also need a correct positioning.

in determining the full body style, you need to decide what you want to achieve the effect of light frame in the overall style, in addition to the selection of all kinds of lighting design, make the color tone and light tone function zoning and layout decision of the entire store.

lamp for ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps and so on, and the light source selection of warm light and cold, generally is not recommended with the leisure district shop to install a cold light, so easy to produce without intimacy, the rest of the time will feel very comfortable.

warm light, if you want the store appears to be warm and warm, you can choose warm white bulbs, install more reserved for some locations.

if you want a warm and quiet shop, you can choose a yellow or warm red bulb, a few lights can be installed.

different shops, for the use of light will be different, in the streets, in fact, we can always see, the use of a more reasonable lighting shops, businesses tend to be more popular. Therefore, if we want to make the shop lights to play a better effect, naturally also need to do a good job of lighting positioning.

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