What conditions need to have good taste to join edge

for a food franchise companies, how to satisfy the needs of investors, that is from production to technology can provide a set of the most complete services for investors to clear the road of entrepreneurship may be some obstacles. Good margin of Catering Technology Development Consulting Co., Ltd is a company engaged in the only authentic Wenzhou Gulixiang, hick, eight, Jiu Zhen, Xiangba Speranskia incense, Lao and cooked food alliance training institutions, professional training institutions is also one of the earliest cooked food.

company mainly engaged in the project are: food technology research and development, food and beverage management, consulting, promotion, training, join, service for the development of a huge space of modern integrated enterprise. Chain store chain staff technical training, management training, sales training. The company inherited the ancestral secret recipe combined with modern technology to make products taste is mellow, distinctive color of fresh tender, not greasy by the.

need to have what conditions to join Jiawei margin:

1, with independent ability, hard-working, good character, honest and trustworthy citizens.

2, I agree with the company’s brand culture, business philosophy and cooperation.

3, love this industry, and has a strong conviction and passion for this struggle.

4, have certain management ability and financial strength.

5, accept the headquarters of the unified management is willing to work together to maintain the brand image.

has promotion throughout the country since 2005, the majority of the franchisee’s attention recognition, there are nearly 3500 stores, the stores have achieved good economic benefit and high social reputation! Interested friends to join.

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