nternet plus agricultural stimulate new agricultural business boom

Internet era, any traditional industries can be linked with the network. In order to seek a new development, the agricultural industry and the Internet technology, out of the new road of agricultural modernization.

held in the days before the twenty-second session of the China Yangling agricultural hi tech fair, "Yangling agriculture cloud" officially inaugurated.

in this piece of "Internet plus agriculture" territory, has a large agricultural data will include land data, production data, these data, form a complete ecological system, data can be recycled. These big data will bring a broad imagination for future agricultural development, greatly stimulated the application of agricultural and rural innovation and entrepreneurial boom.

"Internet plus agricultural" from the "Yangling agriculture cloud" jointly built by Yangling demonstration zone and digital technology, its underlying mechanism is a major agricultural data center, including data data, transaction data of farmland land ownership, agricultural data, agricultural data and agricultural production process.

however, affected by the weather and market influence, and the contract size constraints, he did not get much profit from farming, on the contrary, the home savings of hundreds of thousands of lost. 2014, Pingxiang set up a rural property rights trading center. Here, farmers can be assured that the land rent out.

"before others contract land, every year to go from door to door, spent more than 3 months time, will be able to contract more than and 20 of the land, sometimes even the sowing season and missed." Through the transfer of rural property rights trading center, with the help of the existing land ownership data, Dong Bingkun quickly transferred to 1860 acres of arable land, scale efficiency began to show.

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