Recommended money King good business

people are now talking about "money" king, the market is to be a good prospect, but also "money" King good, but what is good? We have come together to look at to look at.

game is live entertainment indispensable activities, the company in the world of youth, animation games, not one less. The popularity of the network, the network game and animation to bring huge development space. However, according to expert estimates, the domestic professional game animation engineer, but 8000 people, compared with the strong demand of the market, at least 150 thousand people gap. Open game animation design company not only need enough professionals, but also a certain amount of investment funds. The rapid development of Chinese economy, finance, trade, let the production increase in the demand for professionals in the industry, the urgent need for a number of analysts, financial analysts, such as real estate appraisers, senior exhibition designer, open a kind of professional companies or studios, prospects.

2011 most potential project financial analyst is senior personnel training, has deep knowledge of financial theory. The next two years, Shanghai’s demand for CFA is 3000, but the number of CFA is only a few dozen people. Once the CFA qualification certificate, can open a financial analysis studio, but also to banks, insurance companies, securities companies and other financial institutions of all ages.

The development of

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