Send light lose money business profitable

almost all Chinese people have a characteristic, is like to take advantage of small, if the right to use this feature, you can make entrepreneurs make a fortune. Here Xiaobian to introduce a light to send out a real example of a great cause of wealth.

As everyone knows the

Mobil Corp under the banner of "money" banner to oil pad, free service for consumers, on the surface, in the eyes of consumers, this is the "lantern could not find a thing, not only can enjoy the cheap" kerosene "convenient to use at the same time, but also for their own free use of a platform.

is cost-effective and convenient, there is a profit for himself, Why not?? Mobil Corp therefore compensate for the loss of about 800000 oil lamps, but Mobil Corp’s business really lost it? The result is what we all see, that is, not only did not lose the profits.

Mobil Corp to "lamp" as bait, make consumers buy consumers of this "good thing" – ten, ten – 100, buy kerosene people naturally more, then a small profit big profit, profit over interest, compound interest, really is "throw a sprat to catch a whale". In order to lose money in the oil lamp to obtain kerosene profits, this is the real purpose of Mobil Corp.

it is because the master of consumer psychology, so Mobil Corp can make such a big success, if you are to make a career, when there is no progress, you should also think about your marketing strategy?

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