Suining implementation of the management of the red and black list system

in the process of economic development, there are a lot of outstanding enterprises have done very well for the local economic development has made its own contribution, but there are some companies, often secretly illegal. In this regard, the implementation of the management of Suining red and black list system.

enterprise red list can get financial incentives

in recent years, foreign investment has played a more and more important role in the economic development of our city. The reporter learned that, in order to reduce the access threshold, and expand the scope of foreign investment, the city recently issued "to promote the reform of foreign investment management system of Suining city plan", on the city’s foreign investment enterprise management and service system has been improved, in order to optimize the investment environment, to provide more effective institutional guarantee for the development of an open economy.

management to strengthen the implementation of the red and black list system red list of companies can receive financial incentives

it is understood that the city will establish a comprehensive supervision platform of foreign-funded enterprises within this year, according to the law enforcement of relevant laws and regulations, supervision and inspection of contract and articles of association of enterprises with foreign investment and coordination to solve the problem. At the same time, the city will implement the "Red List" blacklist "system, investment and financing, for foreign-invested enterprises, quality management, trade management, foreign exchange business, even bargain, tax law, labor and staff security, environmental protection, resource conservation, production safety, social responsibility and other aspects of supervision and inspection, reward punishment. Included in the red list of enterprises, will be given annually 1-3 million reward.

in the reform of the examination and approval management, the city will promote the reform of the management system of examination and approval of foreign invested enterprises and foreign investment this year, timely implementation of national treatment before admission negative list management model, the implementation of "approved" management of the contract and articles of association of enterprises with foreign investment. For foreign-invested enterprises, the city will set up a parallel implementation of the registration examination and approval, to ensure that the approval of a window through the window, one-stop service, so that the city’s foreign investment contract prospectus approval management more standardized and efficient.

system to improve the report system of foreign exchange registration of foreign-invested enterprises to implement the audit by the banks directly for

before the implementation of foreign-invested enterprises is a joint annual inspection system, this year we will implement the joint annual report of this part of the enterprise system." Relevant responsible person told the reporter, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the city plans from this year, the city’s foreign investment enterprises in June 30th of each year, the main market credit information publicity system to business department, the annual report on business conditions, and the authenticity and legitimacy of the responsible for the report.

in addition, in order to facilitate foreign investment in foreign exchange registration, this year the city will also be related to the reform of the system. It is understood that the city will cancel the foreign-invested enterprises to the foreign exchange administration for direct investment

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