Lofty vision let Zhou Wenbin business success

business is a lot, but a lot of people are short-sighted, see only the immediate interests, but not from a more long-term perspective, so naturally there is no way to do business bigger. Qianshan County, Zhou Wenbin, the boss of this year, 42 years old, thin one count, he has been engaged in the retail industry has a history of over 22 years. The 20 years of Zhou Wenbin with his unique perspective, lofty vision, in the way of retail work, all the way forward, had an almost on the verge of collapse of the rural supply and marketing cooperatives booming business, business more prosperous, become famous for retail hotshots, some retail households often experience art door apprentice.

think of his walk through the retail, there are many places, especially the wisdom of retail operations, it is worth learning from the retail. During the 5-1 this year, I took the opportunity to interview Zhou Wenbin, below I will introduce some of his business experience, I hope to be able to inspire the majority of retail households.

newborn calves are not afraid of the tiger, the bold contract retail supermarket

22 years ago, 20 year old Zhou Wenbin graduated from high school did not go to college, he took the job in the supply and marketing cooperatives, the father of the post, assigned to the Qianshan Anhui Chong township (now incorporated into the town of water roar) supply and marketing cooperatives. At that time, the Red Cross of supply and marketing cooperatives located in remote mountainous areas, traffic inconvenience, economy is not developed, coupled with the radius of less than 200 meters around the supply and marketing cooperatives have 5 retail stores, these private retail business method is flexible, enough time every day, brings great pressure to the supply and marketing cooperatives, so the supply and marketing cooperatives business it is not good to do.

some of the people who work here, because soberly see these difficulties, feel that the supply and marketing cooperatives difficult to carry out business, it is difficult to stay safe. The staff go, mostly for half a year or a few months, only 3 of the people standing here for many years, every business desolate. In fact Zhou Wenbin is a stranger, I see, so the situation of supply and marketing cooperatives, to tell the truth was very disappointed, but also very anxious.

but he is different from other foreigners, he is not in a hurry to choose to escape, but choose the right face, positive against difficulties. He said: when he was in high school, when the country’s reform and opening up in full swing, when many newspapers and magazines have introduced some businesses, private owners, self-employed deeds. In particular, there are often a number of ‘million households’ introduction and reports on their own a certain attraction and temptation.

himself has seen a lot of articles on business, broaden their horizons, activate their minds. It should be said that this is a great inspiration to yourself, remember to less than 10 days, in the face of supply and marketing cooperatives in such a situation, there is a fearless drive, it boldly and that 3 of older workers to discuss the exchange, on the supply and marketing cooperatives facing difficulties and how positive.

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