What needs to be done to open pet stores

pet stores more and more, many businesses are very optimistic about the future development prospects of the industry. If you want to invest, you need to know what needs to be prepared. If the novice is not clear about this problem can come to know.

1. understanding of the pet industry

open the web page, e-mail, TV, all kinds of advertising overwhelming. Choose a good project is particularly important, directly determine whether you will make money in the next few years. If you choose the pet industry, then you have to put down all the things you start to do a comprehensive understanding of the pet industry. International & the history of the domestic pet industry, pet industry development, pet business scope, pet development in China, and even pet habits, you have to do homework. When you master and stand on a certain height on the analysis of the pet industry, you can choose to join the pet store project has a calm mind, paving the way for future store operations.

2. capital injection

personal shop and join the shop, you need money, but will be more money to join. Of course, we must first consider how much money available in the hands, arbitrary investment or careful injection, are not rational. To send Doug pet stores, there are 8 items (pet supplies sales, pet grooming, pet, pet health, living sales, maintenance, labor park, pet pet photography), there are 4 projects (Mini pet shop stores, boutiques, standard stores, flagship store) for each franchise investment is different. There will be pre join the franchise fee and operating margin injection, although the deposit can be returned, but still need time constraints, it must be considered before. If the renovation costs and housing costs, a few million must be prepared.

3. store location


pet store address selection is the shop management flexibility of the worst factors, need to consider a variety of factors, including the surrounding population size and characteristics, the number of pets, competition situation, traffic convenient, near the business characteristics, real estate costs (rent cost), the duration of the contract, and the trend of population change the laws and regulations etc.. Too cold, remote lots, not suitable for pet shops.


pet store shop need to prepare for the work mentioned above, if you want to take a closer look at you can see three point small share, the industry has a certain requirement for investors, entrepreneurs need to figure out if they meet the conditions, not blind investment.

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