How to enhance the value of the shop

for the "Yan value" of the word, I believe we are not unfamiliar, Yan value to enhance the nature of the current society has become a very high rate of a word. In a word, "Yan value" is the 2016 network buzzwords, generally refers to the actor heroes and villains in TV series is not only good-looking, but acting is also very high, by chase drama of love, especially a step in a lot of drama are beautiful and handsome, so that "Yan value is very high. As a retail household, store color value is very important, especially the owner of the Yan value is also related to the survival of the store.

store image color value is very important

shop for decades, the store also used to keep immutable and frozen, large changes in each store will consume a lot of energy, the key is not my own house, so since rented the house is not the whole pack, store so many goods, also afraid of trouble again.

with a cigarette counter and shelf for more than ten years, it is very old, the store had many specifications of high-end cigarettes, and always counter misfits, many consumers are even think the restaurant is not more than 300 of the cigarette retail. In 2014, after the support of Shandong tobacco, I store shelves and counter displacement 3 groups tall, put on the cigarette was a grade, since for a new counter and my cigarette cigarette shelf, high-end sales rose more than 300 yuan, in particular consumer groups increased a lot, the store display of goods and the shelves are closely related. This is the shop’s "Yan value" brings benefits.

2015 city to create a civilized city, each department in the management, in case the work is not in place to drag the city’s hind legs. So civilized business is the slogan of the industrial and commercial sector, not only to complete the documents, to the regular supplier purchase, never sell expired goods and counterfeit goods. But also to maintain the health of the store, is a qualified industrial and commercial households. I shop is the integrity of the user, for the purchase of goods I have been very gatekeeper, never sell expired goods and shoddy goods.

but one thing is not up to the requirements, because of long time of operation, the shop wall has yellow, but also in the top of the tube, there are a lot of dust, and the entire store very uncoordinated, because slept in the store, there are a lot of life appliance store. Industry and commerce departments under the order, the store must clean up the whole day, must not have the slightest bit of dead, and the wall must be unified brush once, if you do not clean up was included in the industrial and commercial households. It is thought that the business sector to pick up really nosy, because it takes a lot of manpower and resources, there is no way to operate, must obey the arrangement.

will do it, first clean up the dead corner of the store, do not have all of the goods are cleaned up, all of the goods re finishing, the dust under the counter and all clean, do not have the removal of the light >

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