Want to seize the opportunities to take the initiative to group purchase Business

era of development so that the traditional fragmented business model began to change, the group began to become more owners want to master the business. However, if you want to seize the opportunity to buy, but also need to take the initiative to attack operators. I think, in order to buy the cake bigger, then we can not keep the retail customers in the store all day long, expect heaven pie, but to take the initiative to go out to find the market.

said the previous "the opportunity is to find out, not to come out, waiting for" never take the group purchase business. I opened the retail store, buy the business to account for more than 30% of the total sales, in some local group of customers inside, or have a certain reputation, many companies are willing to deal with me.

I think, want to seize the group purchase customers, retail customers as you, first of all to do a "ground", legs are not lazy, want to often go out and find the market, whether it is business, yet no business or organization under large orders. There are buy business, you can contact the ground can be timely to collect the demand information, targeted supply of goods.

for those who do not have business dealings through regular exchanges, to deepen the impression, in favor of a cooperation agreement; in addition to mouth, is to the main procurement staff regularly with enterprises and leading phase contact, communication. But buy large orders, and its consumption structure is relatively high, the profit is also very impressive. So as a business operator, do not let go of these rare opportunities to make good use of all available resources, seize the buy order.

according to my sales experience, to the business group purchase seized and will be responsible for personnel matters and some leading group purchase or good relations, for the words above. At this time, you can use the side contacts to matchmaking, if the relationship is in place, they will "sell" a good. In order to contact group purchase emotion, I usually take to go out of the way, when business is busy, I will go to the "bubble" of the group purchase customers, understand their needs and opinions, to enhance the emotional and supply organization.

although some shopkeepers know the importance of the group, but also want to earn this piece of profit, however, many people just want to earn a thought. In fact, for some group purchase business, you have to hold long thought of dealing with them, instead of wild speculations, with "take a walk" idea, but to hold the operating principle of small profits, so as to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation, the satisfaction of their own profit group purchase object.

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