Site experience talk about Baidu Fengyun list

Baidu Fengyun list seems to be a lot of Adsense must see an indicator. Why do you say that, because the data on the billboard reflects what Baidu users are looking for in a single cycle?. The content is subdivided into categories: the fastest growing day, the hottest week, the highest overall search, and so on. So, newbie, what can these data prove? How can I use the data,


so, today, and the novice webmaster talk about Baidu Fengyun list and how to use Baidu billboard to better improve their website traffic.


, old Wei has done a content entirely based on Baidu Fengyun list of websites, may be good luck. In the six months after the operation, the site daily traffic of about 35000, the weekend may be even higher. Well, how did you do this high traffic? And listen to me. First of all, the Baidu billboard is a list based entirely on user search, which means that the more users search, the more likely that keyword will appear on the list. Keyword concept almost no webmaster, it is clear that a site in the early stage of the station will have its own positioning, and the keyword is a reasonable embodiment of the site positioning representative.

said so much, how to rational use of Baidu billboard? Actually Baidu billboard is an index, does not necessarily reflect the right moment to users to search, so we can not blindly follow the keyword billboard to add their own content, but has the choice and rationally choose keywords for your site content. General entertainment station, proposed to enter billboard in through the small classification, after viewing pick your own web site content types, usually a small category I only select three keywords, and then enter the keyword search page, search to the bottom of the page, you will find a lot of relevant search.

okay, the first key behind the search is what we’re going to use. That someone will ask, why not do the keywords ranking directly on the display, search to find the key words in the first through the keywords? This problem is actually quite simple, do the optimization of the station, do you think the thousands on thousands of, at the top of the popular keywords at the same time, people will think of ah, everyone knows that in the billboard in words heat is high enough, so the competitiveness is also strong, as a novice, you think you can beat the "invincible" optimized master? Of course not! So we can only pick up the keywords optimization or optimization of others less to start, when people report traffic may over 10000, when we always can flow over a hundred articles. Perhaps Many a little make a mickle. does not lose to them, oh.

keyword selection is complete, as I said, three keywords suffice. You can begin to collect the content. Why do we say that content is collected rather than copied? Because we have to do "original", although the same content may be tens of millions of people on the Internet, but through our own

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