The disadvantages of China’s website filing system tedious complex long time and high cost

website filing system cumbersome complex, long time, high cost, build the site to record, transfer the web host to record, modify the record information (even a phone), but also for the record, the new web site should also be filed. After the site is good, the Ministry also checks, check information, check errors to be canceled for the record…. In short, in a word, the website filing system is complicated and lengthy, forcing many sites choose to host in the foreign area (the "foreign area" refers to areas outside the Chinese mainland, including Hongkong and Taiwan, the same below).


harm to China’s filing system:

1, damage the interests of Web operators

to open the site to the record, the record that the website operators need to pay a huge cost, including the cost of time and money costs, labor costs, for the record to spend more than one month or even months, in the rapid development of modern society, time is life, the efficiency of website filing system is low, long cycle, complex is in the slaughter of life.

2 damage domestic IDC service provider interests

web server in abroad, domestic damage the interests of the company, Chinese website for the record system has a large number of foreign IDC companies fattened. This is like the government through administrative means to restrict the purchase of domestic goods, forcing people to buy higher prices, service worse foreign goods, the same reason.

3 hinders competition among domestic IDC companies

site record, and web hosting by a IDC company transferred to another IDC company (for server), but also to the record (record access, process complexity degree to re record the same), the website for the record and takes a lot of time, or even three or four months time, the website operators do not want to change web hosting provider, do not want to replace the IDC, the domestic IDC industry is not fully competitive development.

4, affecting China’s information technology

foreign host site access speed is less than the domestic host site, and in the recording system a large number of websites hosted in abroad, makes these sites in the domestic access speed is not high, thus affecting the overall level of China website, influence Chinese information.

5, threatening national security,

large number of web server located in a foreign country, the foreign government easy access to web server files in the information in the United States, Ling mirror door event exposure in the background, you can imagine, if the server is located in the United States, all information website will be the United States government and spies stealing some confidential corporate information confidential information, and even the government military information can be leaked, Chinese threat to national security.

6, causing difficulties in the supervision of the Chinese government

web server is located in China

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