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              I was born in the countryside; my first university didn’t pass the exam. The milk the strength to come out was admitted to a second rate University, university time is very good, although the cultural knowledge is not learned much, but my experience increased a lot, when I was in college I was successfully held in our school the first college digital products expo. Huge impact, I also made a lot of money, but also know a lot of social businessmen, and some of them become friends. For this reason, I have represented some of their products, such as Noah, NOKIA, mobile phones and so on. I can earn my tuition at college. For this reason, I became a famous small businessman in college. I’m proud of it. Slowly, I really think I’m capable. After graduation, I always want to start my own business and want to make a lot of money. For this I fantasized all day long….

          after graduating from college, I gave up the chance when the teacher and his girlfriend went to Zhejiang, where my girlfriend’s brother is the general manager of our treatment to the good, but his brother put us to the workshop to work, we are also very two convinced, feel a young undergraduate how was assigned to the bottom of the workshop was, her brother told me, want to succeed must do at least two years at the grassroots level. Although my mouth is right, but I am not satisfied with it, and I am not serious about it. Suddenly one day, a friend of mine called me and said, "there’s a good business. It’s only a few bucks, and I can make tens of thousands of dollars a month.". I thought to myself, here’s my chance to make a fortune. I ignore her brother’s stay, hurried back home, and then began his difficult business, this business is to make cosmetics phone sales, in fact, is deceptive. I started doing it in accordance with the arrangements of my friends. I think things are too simple. The real operation is not so good as I thought, and the profit is not so big, I only insist on less than a month on the withdrawal, and I brought in 10000 yuan in Zhejiang this month on the run out.

              I only up to an experience: "do not do anything to think of him too simple, we first want to harm, to the bad, bad just want to benefit. "This won’t be a special disappointment." my first venture was a failure, and I didn’t have a good job. I dare not go home, too. I feel that God is unfair to me, and my girlfriend complains about me all the time, and I can’t find a job. At that time I stood on the balcony of the rented house and looked out. Thought: "such a big city, I do not have a foothold?"" Finally I entered the Shandong Jingyanggang winery in a friend’s recommendation, probation 600 yuan / month, the girlfriend did not work, we live in a small cottage, life is very difficult. But >

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