Qingdao stationmaster meeting has a feeling stationmaster is not a person in battle

in April 3rd, have the honor to participate in the 2010 held in Qingdao Shandong Internet webmaster general assembly, the general assembly by the Qingdao net loan (www.119ser.cn) host, stationmaster net (www.admin5.com), and obtained the well-known media and domestic Internet webmaster support and publicity, also invited a lot of Internet industry celebrities as guests. The conference to discuss local web site operators share the experience of e-commerce business management "as the theme, the general assembly as a fundamental principle and guiding ideology, aims to better analyze the Shandong development of the Internet industry, and promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, the integration of resources industry, expand high-quality contacts, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of the Internet. To create a good environment for the development of the network, hope that through this meeting can make more industry colleagues together, positive communication, common progress.

The guests are

conference participants of the personal webmaster circle and the Internet industry celebrities, stationmaster net, king of Zhang Kai, the famous old Yanhuang network K, grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun, DNSPod Wu Hongsheng, taobao.com and ChinaNetCenter representatives, such as Jiaonan port, Yantai forum, car search network of Shandong province famous personal website webmaster. At the conference, several guests made wonderful speeches and discussed the Internet development with the participants. Congress responded enthusiastically, not only is the speech of the guests, audience participants are mostly webmaster feel enough, can be said that the conference was very successful. Although Qingming cold, Binhai castle in the breeze of some cold, but has been emitting a faint trace of spring. It should be said that the Qingdao as the eastern coastal city, is a famous tourist city, the real economy developed, the Internet industry should be developed rapidly, but the actual situation is not so, listen to the Daocheng local webmaster said, like this, like the size of the webmaster general assembly is the first time in Qingdao held in Qingdao, the local common on the Internet, lack of enthusiasm, there may be a few big portal site, but individual website development is not satisfactory, the conference held a good active Qingdao local Internet industry atmosphere, led to the enthusiasm of individual stationmaster development, hope to hold more similar meetings.

this conference most lets me feel deep is, stationmaster’s enthusiasm has not because of the recent internet environment’s bad and drops, but has a kind of unabated tendency. 2009 is a year of prosperity and opportunity for the Internet. However, it has been a bad year since the beginning of the policy crisis. Crisis and opportunity is characteristic of 09 years the largest at the beginning of 2010, after a wide range of network regulation, CN domain name website storm, "white list", photographed the scene record the baptism of the Internet makes groundless talk a lot of people do not know how to go ahead at a loss. What station should individual stationmaster do? Where is the outlet in the future? The problem that seems to become stationmaster to have to consider deeply. Usually in the network will see grassroots webmaster, because the network environment is bad, complain about again and again, pessimistic despair, still worried about the station grow up >

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