Save the confidence crisis in DC industry and set up the Convention on self discipline

some time ago "cable raise a Babel of criticism of events to the IDC industry has brought hitherto unknown the credit crisis, resulting in Beijing Netcom Yizhuang thousands of servers are trapped, 10000 can not access the site, has brought great losses to the entire IDC industry indelible reputation.

with the IDC industry technical threshold continues to decrease the core technology R & D update slow or stagnant, the overall quality of IDC employees to decline, many completely to profit for the purpose of inferior small IDC operators IDC the influx of industry. Which leads to fierce competition in the industry intensified, the current IDC industry market by the emergence of a large number of dragons and fishes jumbled together with ultra low cost under the guise of reducing industry profits at the same time using a variety of non credit consumer fraud means part of bad IDC, drag out an ignoble existence, more directly by defrauding the trust of consumers after absconding or declared bankruptcy makes at present, the national IDC market suffered a crisis of confidence in the industry caused by the hitherto unknown, consumer credit for the entire industry serious doubt, so that the original in the mind of consumers is famous for its high new technology industries become common technology industry second, industrial technology content on the IDC caused a serious blow.


has always believed that IDC industry is the best embodiment of the integrity of the utility industry, because of its sales of products is the virtual technology products based on good faith, all relevant IDC industry products are almost the consumers "invisible" network product contract, and it is very rare for industry the first payment to the virtual goods industry. If you go to buy something, is virtual, you can only get through the network to use this product experience, and the first to pay before they know the product is good or bad, so what if other sectors of the ordinary consumer goods would you choose? And the IDC industry for a long time for the survival of the industry, fully reflects the IDC value of the integrity of the industry, is no exaggeration to say that "honesty is the IDC industry based on the book," now such a foothold there was a serious crisis, the natural foundation for the entire industry will be shaken. Therefore, to save the IDC industry confidence crisis, for all operators engaged in IDC related areas is the most urgent need to solve the problem, heavy industry integrity banner urgent.

day held in Shanghai before the IDC Summit Forum has many delegates put forward this topic, there are also many enterprises to participate in the discussion, and has been on the "cable events" were condemned, there are also many companies to lend a helping hand to this event for many consumer losses such as Anhui Chinese network technology Limited ( as China top IDC operators representatives in the General Assembly on the proposed "save IDC industry brand integrity" slogan has been the support of many enterprises, all of this event have implicated personal and network company expressed sympathy and regret. To better help victims of this event, site >

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