Nutshell intellectual community what kind of experience does it work on both sexes

this is a serious and serious interview.

Shell network intellectual community

know and gender related topics, more than 64000 academic micro-blog fans nearly three hundred thousand, Baidu search "gender" can get thousands of results — of course in the net net action, visible content are basically the name of "edge ball" sexual health content as yet no one cares about those for the masses to rise posture, increase the taste, each gender "behind the scenes" editing platform greatly is how to work


work every day is talking about the sexes, what is the experience of writing


every day in contact with the content they would shame Da "restless"


so many poses. Where did they learn?

What kind of sex knowledge does

have in most of their eyes?


author invited to the serious red tide from science shell network "intellectual" two @ intellectual Jun and the first taste of the experience from "build platform" APP "little Shoushou". He made a formal email interview.

well, now please correct attitude, serious reading this "other people’s work experience.

introduce yourself,

Chen, male, 34, no nickname for a long time. Shell net Senior Product Manager, intellectual founder

Ding Zheng, male, nicknamed "big D" shell network, senior operations manager, intellectual co founder,

little Shoushou, male, age 23. He called the beast (interest APP operation statement: Shoushou is not suppressed by


Judy, 25, sister, innocent, great writer (Zuo, dead), the interviewer.

, tell me about your daily work first.

Shoushou: you always feel that "Daily" seems to have another layer of meaning, with many editors are the same, every keyboard mhmm.

in his interest, you can see all kinds of detailed and interesting user sun alone – the use of taste products and drying must be through the strict examination of fried chicken. Of course, the pictures you see are already my audit. (ha ha ha ha)

Chen Yan: there is an interesting community in which people discuss gender skills, scientific knowledge and emotional life. Our job is to quickly solve all kinds of user problems through products and means of operation.

, "one minute sex education" and "villain’s most intellectual" are our programs of independence and participation. We also have "talent show" anchors from our users, recording programs for our official radio station. Recently, a book called "intellectuality" is being published. In short, it is the dissemination of scientific and healthy knowledge of both sexes.

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