What should a female APP business do community or tool

no one will deny that the female market is huge, and no one will deny that women are more emotional than men, and are more willing to be the main consumer, no matter where the money comes from.

, but in the mobile internet field, phenomenon class products abound, but eventually let users "precipitation" down success is not much. There are so many entrepreneurs have said that the user’s heart like catkins subtle. This phenomenon is more pronounced in women’s APP, where women’s hearts are more difficult to grasp.

more likely to divide the female market segments of the market than other areas, have menstrual tool aunt, beauty grapefruit; shopping market beauty said, mogujie.com beauty market; beauty beauty, beauty makeup tips; Manicure market show Manicure, beaver; plastic market new oxygen plastic; pregnancy pregnant orange market ·, happy pregnancy; · · · · · each segment has a specific group of users. But it’s amazing how many women’s APP start-ups are dominated by men, and it’s also a consensus among women entrepreneurs that men know women better than women.

The initial user application

women how to access? Sticky tools and community who can increase the user’s application? Women can have what business model? NetEase technology held in July 26th Wudaokou salon female special APP, founder and investor of all female APP to discuss female entrepreneurs how to enter the market application.

female applications: community or tool

female market has some particularity, such as menstrual application must accurately record the monthly menstrual time, and form convenient control; especially for weight loss and weight applications, users need to record the daily intake of calories, calories per day and to determine their own weight-loss results. On the other hand, women are more willing to share and discuss than men, and also want to compare with others, which makes developers fight with the community or tools.

in the show nail CEO Yi Yi seems that women are born with "show" demand, so that they become beautiful, in addition to "Yue himself", but also to "Yue people."". Pure tool software has a natural problem, the lack of traffic access, only when users need it will open, so APP open frequency is low. Convince users to use incentives regularly, and through the concept of community, users will help you do what you want to do repeatedly and hopefully, forming a consensus field that will help you promote the transaction.

beauty, beauty makeup CEO, Zhang Bo chose a structured blog style community, the initial launch of the beauty scene, and then gradually increased the nail, hair, clothing collocation and so on. In Zhang Bo’s view, fan economy is a great magic weapon for managing communities. There are three types of communities in the United States, America and the United States. The first is cattle

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