Talk about website promotion trends

for most websites, a good site is defined as a page that is elegant, highly technical, rich in content and useful for viewing IP on a daily basis. From the perspective of the viewer to look for a site, there are two kinds of passive and active browsing browsing: the so-called active browsing, browsing is subjective sense of login to the site from the favorites or enter the URL into the website; passive browsing, search from the search engine, or from the advertising links, or from the window, even by the rogue software hijacked the IE login page, the page is passive to see.

there is a fundamental difference between the classification of a site quality, that is a good site, will the daily traffic in active browsing accounted for most of the IP; on the contrary, if the site is not good enough, even if the promotion is good, it is only temporary, once the stop promotion, website traffic will be inflated fight back to the prototype.

We are

from the heart want to make your own website before a site, but always backfire, doing a garbage station, every day from the search engine traffic accounted for the majority, once the search engine optimization errors, the result too horrible to look at. I have maintained this status, just like chicken ribs generally website – tasteless gesture.

we continue to plug pages into Baidu and barely fill our stomachs with small advertising revenue, but just filling our stomachs isn’t what we want, and we need to make a successful stop.

we look at those stations is how to promote:

Sina, Sohu, NetEase three portals are born in the Internet to be in full swing of the season, when the network effect is close to the myth, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei like a star every day in newspapers and magazines.

QQ old horse in order to promote QQ software and rush around the major colleges and universities, and around to demonstrate how good their QQ, their own Tencent network allows users to get what benefits?. After that, QQ dolls, QQ clothes, wallets and hats are made all over the country…… There are rumors that even QQ brand instant noodles (I am no) in 8848 and now Taobao popularity of online shopping, and their website brand advertising everywhere on the Internet, rogue popup is small, TV movie, street shopping district, the subway train station, have seen Taobao figure. Comrade Chen’s mop has been trying to figure out some gossip to discuss, and countless offline gatherings show his influence as China’s largest gossip community. Even tech savvy Google is coming, nothing to do, just a little news, often Lulu’s face. There is a man in the impression left behind asked how to borrow a space for someone? Answer: often outdated mix, something that, for a long time. YY, mix a familiar face, nature can borrow space.

said so much is to let everyone understand this truth: the Internet space is too small, not enough for us, Y>

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