Some views on the management of emerging 3G websites

on 3G, I believe everyone is not strange, recently, the topic of 3G is also very lively, which city began to 3G telephone number experience, where the emergence of new products such as 3G, and so on. 3G is the future trend, the prospects are good, but now is the initial stage, mature to take a process, and the process is not easy.

3G is bound to become a trend, the market potential is great, the development of this potential needs a short process. Of course, many owners also see this market, have to test the water 3G website template, but this kind of website is not currently available for reference, the development of the 3G site is still in its infancy, is through the glass light in sight but not suddenly caught. From the point of view of user experience, the author investigated the similarities and differences of some 3G websites, and summarized some problems that should be paid attention to in the operation of 3G websites.

first of all, 3G class web pages should meet the user’s psychological needs.

3G is a new thing. People who accept 3G must be young, fashionable and enthusiastic fans. Website design should take into account the characteristics of this user group, whether it is web production or content selection, we should consider the user’s preferences and needs. 3G experience lovers are generally young people, the ability to accept new things, and like to experience new trends, rich sense of the times. For example, the moving zone, "my site, I decide" fully expresses the inner voice of this group, and gets a strong response from this group, and the product promotion is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has been well received.

At present many

in the 3G website, I quite agree with this 3G portal (domain name seems to be pretty good), home design is eye-catching, page concise fashion, also take pictures and content choice of thought, is moved to the user, 3G can find the need to feel fancier in the web site. Home page is concise, inside page classification is detailed, but the information of 3G essence is relatively little, have the suspicion of edge ball, and update is slow, content is little, the website appears flimsy. If the website can be improved in content, I believe that the site traffic will be more and more.

secondly, website content should be substantial.

should say that all websites require substantial content. I have browsed several 3G sites and have a common feature of less content. 3G information may be difficult to search online, but also can not make the site seem empty, so it is very unfavorable to retain customers. Webmaster 3G website can do from the relevant aspects, such as 3G mobile phone introduction, 3G picture download, 3G music download, and so on. 3G enthusiasts can also explore topics of concern, providing the latest industry information, rich content of the site.

3G Chinese communication network content is relatively rich, updated information is also the readability slightly better, but the profession is too strong, the general 3G enthusiasts may be more concerned about the new "interesting

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