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contact network for many years, but as a network of part-time, is nearly two years, so it is a novice, but in the past two years, the network of part-time way has experienced many twists and turns, which included acid and sweet. I have a moment of leisure today, finishing their own ideas, write down the network of part-time way, and I have a similar experience, or friends can encourage each other together, of course, if it is not a fragment of heroes, regardless of, I ask for your help and guidance.

‘s first introduction to the Internet is a friend. After surfing the Internet, it’s no use watching news, TV, movies and listening songs all day long. Until one day to talk with friends to know, don’t say the network Nothing is too strange., open shop, even playing the game can earn a lot of money. So under the guidance of friends playing the game, is the beginning of round the clock crazy, even the wife said I should be careful, indulge, about half a year, I still did not play the role level or how many people Dailian is and how hard, if you like a friend to be your own boss please people do that. But, look at yourself, the body lost a big circle, his son has become a game fans around, if things go on like this that still have such a hard money, so determined The loss outweighs the gain., do not do. It is to want to ask for the moon, with a few friends game with me, every day down to today, they also have extra income well. But I do not regret my abandonment, everyone has its own focus, according to their own circumstances to choose their own path.

did not play the game, the time freed, the first network of part-time give up halfway their understanding of the network, but it is different, the network is not only to provide a variety of information for us, and the wider world, the development of the network must be beyond our imagination, so broad world belongs to me? I’m looking for with the loss, see many part-time advertising, then join the Witkey, customers to donate, started the program, pick the registration task, something to do, such as to help people write the name, planning, writing the program to write a summary of writing the paper advertising language, numerous, submitted many tasks, but each one had no echo. To understand their knowledge is sparse shallow, the network that I ordered a galaxy of talents, fur, laughable. To do so may lose confidence, or just let it go.

met a month ago, and I seem to have found the answer. All I want is what I can do. So, with the CEOs interview, brief conversation, let me know what to do website, and know, we want to work together for the development of the site, the site as its own business to manage. In order to site more traffic and Baidu in the rankings, I began to work, the first is the hot keywords Baidu Search Ranking with the original article, the beginning of a period of time, learn to feel full of go, footloose, Article 32 to get it, but soon after, I do not know how to start in the face of a pile of words, to the news in a daze, a bit numb, is the river "

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