What are the common bottlenecks in website operations

indeed, with the development of the Internet, website construction technology progress, now even do not understand any website technology white can successfully build a website of their own platform, so that the site is now more and more appear in the Internet, naturally required operators are more and more, and the website more and more, but also lead to specialist in encounter various problems in the operating process, a lot of bottleneck, so, what are the specific to the construction sites in Tianjin – the rate of scientific and technological small details for you slowly.

one, traffic

The change of

basically all Specialist Web site operators are more inclined to site traffic, but with web site development to a certain stage, the flow is stopped, then a lot of operation webmaster would be confused, began to consider how to break through the website traffic? Some webmaster operation as soon as possible in order to enhance the website traffic, even think some cheating methods, such as: the purchase link, with a link to a page and so on, which may lead to the site shut down.

: Tianjin construction site – the rate of science and technology small or feel, when the traffic bottleneck site operation is the most should do is to ask yourself, do not do, do a good job? Because only increase website traffic or Alexa rankings, the PR value is not healthy, should study the long tail theory, avoid too much garbage flows.

two, location

The positioning of the

website is a problem that many enterprises will encounter at the beginning of their construction, and also the most common problems in many enterprises. Many enterprises are busy building sites, so there is no excessive attention to the site positioning, because of the vague positioning of the site, it will force the site again and again revision, eventually lost. However, many webmaster website operators with the new field of love, will stick to it, especially with the special mining research and website on the target user’s profit point, will gradually unravel the direction of the website development problem.

suggests using creative thinking to break through stereotypes. When you’re having trouble solving a problem – that is, when you’ve used the skills you used to succeed – use it anyway – try a more creative way of thinking. When you’re troubled, you’re like a hound trying to dig deep in one place. You may actually try to dig another hole in another place right now.

three, promotion

when the site built just on the line, most of the specialist are anxious will promote out of your own webmaster, you want to earn more attention and exposure, eager to attract more potential users, but the effect is not obvious, a short period of time have no way to find the effective way of promotion. You know, there are many ways to promote the Internet, not every promotion is used for every enterprise, and some suitable for search engine marketing, and some suitable for

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