Peng Yucheng website soft Wen promotion method detailed explanation

master soft text promotion method is a network promotion personnel essential skills, should say soft Wen promotion throughout the network promotion work, no matter which promotion methods are inseparable from the soft text. In the hard advertising is no longer strong in the past two years, soft Wen began to occupy the main position, and will continue strong momentum. This soft Wen promotion method is detailed, but also Peng Yucheng do network promotion, marketing work for several years summed up the skills and ideas, hope for everyone some help. As everyone knows the Wanglaoji event, Pizza Hut event, VANCL are good use of soft Wen promotion to enhance the brand influence, but also brings a great sales, so use the soft Wen, I believe that no matter what is the promotion of products, will have a huge effect. Don’t say any more about it. Let’s get down to today’s topic.

one, soft Wen promotion purpose

1, bringing sales

through soft Wen promotion, can bring sales is the best result, product sell more, not afraid of others can’t remember you. And through soft text promotion brought about by customers than general promotion way more viscous, this point, Peng Yucheng deep feeling. And if your product is very good, through the customer’s word of mouth, will bring a lot of sales.

2, enhance influence and popularity

suggest that you go to a push to see VANCL marketing strategy, mostly relying on the promotion of soft paper, and now look at where the visibility and sales, that is really quite bad. Of course, there are other good, soft text promotion case, here is not one example. Everyone familiar with Mou Changqing, basically rely on soft Wen successfully promoted a few websites, such as: go9go link exchange platform, Adsense navigation.

3, access, included

this is for their own web site, to update the general pseudo original or original articles, and do the optimization work properly can improve the keywords ranking, bring traffic, do good website can improve the long tail keywords ranking brings substantial traffic through this method. Some friends may say that posting hyperlinks in a forum can also bring in traffic, which is correct. But now the national regulatory forum is tight, and the forum also oversees membership, and it’s not so easy to put on the link.

two, soft Wen often applied

1, portal

this form of soft Wen, we may see every day, do not believe you go to Sina or NetEase look. They often use the user’s perspective, the news of the new product, and so on, to say how good the product is from the user’s point of view. But this is indeed a very inexpensive way, but also can be summarized, this is the use of network media promotion and soft Wen promotion methods, to do better, need more professional writers and publishing channels.

2, forum

forum soft Wen, I will not say more, this piece I believe everyone must be very familiar with. Now basic >

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