Responsive Web designs how to make websites compatible with different requirements



often has these problems in design:

1. wants a website compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and PC, and has to make different versions for different devices.

2. wants some pages of the web, displays more content on the next line of widescreen display, and has to customize a version for widescreen.

3., many people don’t browse our pages in full screen. Would it be better to make the page adjust as the browser width changes?

Is there any way

can effectively solve these problems,


Web design (Responsive Web response design) is the concept of the design and development of the page should be based on the equipment environment (platform screen size, screen orientation, etc.) and user behavior (change window size) of the corresponding response and adjustment. The specific way of practice is composed of many aspects, including elastic grid and layout, pictures, CSS, media, query and so on. Whether the user is using the PC, tablet computer, or mobile phone, whether or not the full screen full screen display, the screen is either horizontal or vertical, the page should be able to automatically switch the resolution, image size and script function, to adapt to different equipment.


responsive web design requires higher requirements for interactive design and front-end implementation. It is necessary to consider the layout changes and the scaling of the pages under different resolutions.

The advantages of

responsive Web design:

development, maintenance and operation cost advantage: only one page, just made some different designs for equipment of different resolution, different environment, so in the development, maintenance and operation, the relative multiple versions, can save the cost.

compatibility: the size of new mobile devices customized versions usually emerge in an endless stream, only applies to certain specifications of the equipment, if the equipment resolution of new changes in the larger, often not compatible, and the development of the new version takes time, this time the visit is a problem, but the response type Web design can prevent this problem ahead of time.

is flexible: responsive design is for pages, you can change only the necessary pages, and other pages are not affected.

example shows


view online demo

when the browser width is changed, the width of the two columns is narrowed down, and the Left Banner pictures and videos are correspondingly reduced, and the list of the head on the right is >

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