Wu Xiaosong decoration company skillfully use Tianya community to promote examples

those who engaged in decoration industry friends have a consensus – decoration market (especially home) competition has become increasingly fierce market competition, the key positions from the traditional media, such as supermarket quietly moved to the Internet, I have a classmate Liu opened its own decoration company for 11 years, started the implementation of network marketing 3 years ago, because Liu not familiar with the network, from the site to network promotion are made by the author one planning and implementation, since the company website and carry out network promotion, the effect did not dare to say is excellent, but it is obvious. Now tell me how to help Liu general company network promotion.

here to point out: if a company wants to develop network promotion, strongly recommended to the construction site, must have a publicity platform, like war must have their own positions and trenches, according to the same. Of course, some shell companies play guerrilla warfare is another story.

promotion option: network promotion way too much, beyond count PPC, blog, promotion, micro-blog promotion, Forum promotion, QQ promotion and so on, eighteen Wu Yi to see how you use straight to pick one of the PPC and the forum to promote the two kinds of practical operation.

one, Baidu PPC is the most effective way to promote. If the economy allows enterprises to carry out other suggestions, in free promotion activities while there are stages of Baidu PPC promotion (such as decoration industry off-season and season, in the season before the arrival of a month on the competitive ranking the most ideal). At present, Liu’s company is still placing Baidu PPC advertising, has continued to launch 4, each issue only 5 thousand, a total investment of 20 thousand. Interested friends can search Baidu, "Haikou decoration company", you can see Liu’s Advertising – "XXX X Cheng decoration company."".

two, clever with Tianya community "Hainan home improvement" column for promotion. Hainan decoration company many choose to advertise in Hainan online "Home Furnishing decoration" channel, "Home Furnishing decoration" channel has a plate called "home diary", is available for users to bask in their own experiences of decoration plate, this plate is actually the "Tianya community" in the "Hainan home" column, everybody all know, skyline community daily traffic. If you post in this column and the quality is good, your post will get good views and attention on both the online and skyline communities in Hainan. The friend also post promotion in the community, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, in the Tianya post revealed in this paper, the advisory and a friend in need can contact the author, QQ:641522628.

now talk about how to operate.

1. first develop a model housing program, choose a design that is better case positioning model room. To communicate with the owners, for the owners of the consent of the post sun decoration diary.

2. from the beginning of the decoration approach, arrange for the company to take pictures of the scene every day, >

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