Reprint 76 good site experience marketing experience

actually, I saw it somewhere else. So I want to set up a new website in accordance with the high standards, this article is forwarded to the webmaster webmaster can see a piece, a little bit more to our station into the station’s nutrition, ha ha.

recently the college entrance examination before the end, fractional line is also down, no matter how was the exam, the students can finally rest temporarily. Just hope to the end of the entrance of a brother and sister have to relax but do not indulge in the place, trying to get off campus literature like the site, think carefully, in fact, when we each school, which the school outside No 1, 2 place to rent the novel, ha ha, Jin Yong Gu Longqiong Yao is the time to know these masters think, is outside the literature room, is also miss the school scene. School of literature website for the house in strict accordance with the standards, please need friends to focus attention, make suggestions and opinions. Here are the rules.

76 experiential points of experiential marketing on


one, sensory experience: presents the audio-visual experience to the user, emphasizes comfort.

1. design style: meets the target customer’s esthetic custom, and has the good guidance.

Before designing the

website, it is necessary to identify the target audience and analyze the aesthetic preferences of the target customer to determine the overall design style of the site.

2. site LOGO: make sure logo’s space is protected, and make sure the brand is clearly displayed without taking up too much space.

3. page speed: normally, make sure the page is open in 5 seconds. If you are a large portal, you must consider the North South interoperability problem, the necessary stress test.

4. page layout: focused, primary and secondary clear, illustrated. In combination with the marketing goals of an enterprise, place the most sales force information of the target customer’s interest in the most important position.

5. page color: with the brand overall image of unity, the main color + auxiliary color is not more than three colors. Ensure the viewer’s browsing comfort with proper color, brightness, and brightness.

6. animation effects: with the main painting face coordination, open speed, animation effects moderate rhythm, do not interfere with the main picture browsing.

7. page navigation: navigation bars are clear, prominent, and clearly hierarchical.

8. page size: suitable for most browser browsing (15 inch and 17 inch display based).

9. image display: scale coordination, no deformation, clear pictures. The pictures are neither too dense nor too far apart.

10. icons: simple, clear, easy to understand, accurate, unified with the overall style of the page.

11. ad: avoid interference with view, advertising Map >

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