Personal experience on how to let Baidu included

how to let Baidu included? In fact, this problem has been in, old Adsense needless to say, everyone must have everyone’s method. Of course I have my own method, but now it is written in the soft text, we can also refer to the truth. Perhaps some people say I am not kind, but this is the purpose of survival. I can not guarantee that Baidu will be 100 percent included, but it can be said that 90% of the opportunities will be included in the above,


what are the websites now, SEO, I don’t know SEO very well. But generally speaking, you can say four points: first, the head two, the bottom three, structure, four, and even.

today, the main talk is not to say SEO, the site how, Baidu does not include is useless (note here, I rely entirely on Baidu live. It doesn’t rule out that someone is relying on other search engines. Search engines don’t include SEO, right?.

into the theme: how to let Baidu included


actually very simple, home page to see what your station is! If it is enterprise station, I suggest you submit! If it is garbage station, I suggest you better not submit. It seems like many people use free space these days. Free space is a good choice for beginners. It’s important that you choose the right one. Now, many free spaces are liars, but some of them are unstable. Find a stable space.

we don’t submit, there are non submissions, and I’ve read similar articles, but the writing is not very obvious. What about it?. The use of large sites on the network cited, like Webmaster Station opened a spider area, I think this is a bad open area. Why? The reason is simple. The Internet is like this. When a thing is done by many people, the effect is much worse.

wrote here, I believe we should also understand, do not understand, you can leave a message asked.

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