Small stationmaster is the group that can spend money most and cannot make money most

remember graph king Zaiqun said a word, what website can make money, to see how to make. I see. The word "King" refers to a train of thought. But sometimes the train of thought can not decide the way out. In fact, the Internet now, hundreds of thousands of individual stationmaster chummed, the opportunity to make money is very little.

any type of website is hundreds. Can there be hundreds of ideas? People copy each other, the content of homogenization is serious, and the result is that the Internet users feel the same. Individual owners in such an environment, it is by traffic, rely on advertising alliance, I always feel is It is all up with. Unreliable.

we can not help but admit that every kind of website has a leader, but we must admit that each kind of website appears a leader, all is sacrificed several hundred followers to change. This is a potential law. But why there are so many people rushed in? Is a dream or luck? Every day down tens of thousands of websites, the website itself is not so simple, is not out of energy, time and money into the smoke, finally nothing.

there are so many gaps on the Internet that I know no more than ten. But I had no money to start, so I had to keep it in my stomach for the time being. I hope I can do it, the Internet has not yet appeared. I would rather write a blog now, study, and do not want to pay a penny for that kind of web site. Now what do a QQ station, is not expensive, and the space CN domain name will be eighty ten, but finally to earn back the investment how many people? Do you not see the website of 80%

are losing money?

now want to do a website, whether big or small, investment is very amazing, I never optimistic about the kind of investment, three hundred or four hundred will be bigger and stronger. But every day thousands of people take out three hundred or four hundred, make up their minds to make a station, and continue the hollow pleasure. Numb updates, publicity, and finally found that revenue can almost be 0 of the time. Dig out three hundred or four hundred, do a station again, continue to circulate. A mixed network of webmaster, the annual investment is also said to be three thousand or four thousand, but more than half, even three hundred or four hundred did not earn back.

I can not bear to fight my compatriots’ enthusiasm, nor is it pessimistic. The Internet has no way out for us. But I hope we can face a problem, indeed, small Adsense is the most expensive, domain name registration of a lot of space to buy one after another, the site poured one, and then do one. All this is a permanent investment. Why do we now engage in IDC, advertising alliance to make money, because there are unlimited webmaster in the back of investment.

personal webmaster to do nationwide web site, basically is impossible, of course, I do not deny that there is a miracle, but that is one in ten million. What we need to do is to see the benefits of investment, not the dreams of second websites. Enjoy the pleasure of spending money and time and energy.

I’m here to talk about a few points: we should work hard in the business, there are technical webmasters in the Admin5 find some technical work to do >

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