Personal webmaster before leaving please think twice

              today in A5, see a "year of life" the webmaster muddle along without any aim. Let me have deep feeling, say is an unemployed webmaster full-time personal website story. Website promotion and management are difficult, without financial support or girlfriend support. The webmaster finally failed to stick down, lost his girlfriend, unable to find a new job, but ended his year of webmaster life. What’s the reason for the failure of the stationmaster? We can learn a lesson?

      quitting the job is equivalent to cutting off the source of the economy; a headlong plunge into the ranks of the station; and often alone. Probably every day can only eat instant noodles, chewing steamed bread to live. A website from the input to promote the fastest, it will take 3-6 months, so in the absence of sufficient funds to prepare before, or do not move the idea.
;   two thinking, technology and team

      do station requires comprehensive technology, from art, program, promotion, management. So it’s definitely not a wise choice for a person to "stand alone", even if you’re very comprehensive. But you have no superhuman powers, how a person wears several hats? It’s a dead end for a person to do, and it’s important to have a team.

      think twice, good idea

      this is the most important point, your website should have your own ideas, have originality, without this, the technology is good, the team is strong, the funds are rich, and do not try to do the station. Man wanted to go out in the vast sea, need is the unique characteristics of the out of the ordinary place.


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