From QQ torch lit to see the success of delicious nternet marketing

opened the QQ this morning, and the lights lit up everywhere. Almost 60% of QQ’s friends are here. Yes, Coca-Cola is currently doing well,

today in Chongqing, SEO, Shao Jie will tell you about this " torch ".

QQ torch lighting activity has now spread across China’s big rivers, why QQ torch lighting activities will be so popular with everyone. How did Coca-Cola think of lighting up the QQ torch during the Olympics? Why did you think of using it in sponsoring QQ torch lighting,


wouldn’t it be possible to use other QQ’s most commonly used marketing methods,


it all worth consideration, in the network marketing activities of Coca-Cola to make full use of the interactivity and relevance, make every participant fully join into the activities of its marketing value is far more than the usual pop-up window and float advertisement effect, can be said to be all QQ users to fall over each other play QQ torch lit the Olympic spirit imperceptibly will Coca-Cola firmly in mind. SEO is also an important link in network marketing, we as SEO front of the first batch of beach goers and how to understand and grasp the network

in the marketing of consumer psychology, or whether we will continue to single, lack of interactive keyword optimization ranking stick in the end, it will be difficult and the optimization of SEO watershed in future will face interesting. Let’s wait and see the wonderful performance of the marketing players on the Internet marketing.

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