How to effectively guide users at different stages of the product

now stop all your thoughts, think of a question: what happened between your users first visit your site and buy your product? More specifically to think, if users want to buy what needs to go through the steps of these steps? What? Do you have the right time to carry on the correct guidance


below is the customer life cycle map we have drawn for our application Notable, which is very helpful for our customer conversion and retention.


interaction: why do users visit your web site,


in the picture above, we first have to find out why the customers come to our website. Why do they register? Answering these questions is very helpful for user switching. We are looking for answers from the following aspects.

1. uses chat tools to keep a few people visiting the site and then communicate with them

2. checks where visitors go to the site and what they click on

3. phone interviews with some new users

4. to convert visitors to buyers, what do we need to do,


lists what users need to do before they have enough knowledge about the value of the tools and choose to buy them. Specific to Notable, this is the case:

1. registers for free use of

2. visits a website to annotate this site,

3. share annotations with other people

4. gets some comments,

only happens after step 4, and users buy only after they know enough about the value of Notable. So now the question is how to guide the user to step 4? We found that users often only do step 3, so we have been investigating the user why, at present we are modifying the share / comment function, complete these steps to encourage users.

motivates the user to proceed to the next

allows users to gradually complete the above 4 steps is the key. Well, how do you do that? On Notable, we’ve come up with a number of ways to motivate the user to move on to the next step. Here are 2 of them.

The role of

1. mail is obvious. If we find you don’t share or comment on a certain amount of time, we’ll send you an email and tell you why you want to move on to the next step. In general, you send 4 messages in the first 30 days of your initial use of Notable. Tell you by mail, if you complete the next step, which aspects will improve?. Of course, mail must be accompanied by links.

2. recently we’ve also added text hints to all pages of Notable, so >

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