Baidu would you please be a little more gentle


may be bullied too deep, this is 5 years (I do have 5 years), they do not know how many letters to my station, one of the two have reason to say that I accidentally touched their so-called "cheating" rules, three four, five six. It is a little like (a website I searched for their own reasons, even the last suspect did Google Adsense alimama, they are likely to be eyeing), I am not programmers, do the dumpster, most of them have a substantive content of the website, and I am not that kind of at the same time operating stations that station, is a station of a station, a child raised.

at first, Baidu can always bring some traffic, indeed, very pleasant surprise, grateful, even I silly for the Baidu alliance, although income is very low (low is unbelievable, buckle buckle is excessive, and Baidu has always been a strong fighter style), as well as think of no return flow regardless, until the day suddenly disappeared from the Baidu website, before the bleak ending, even shut the station (a hastily left Baidu, traffic will begin to decline, from the original confidence, immediately the heart empty, quickly go on), so every time I go to Baidu’s official blog, feel every they say that every action is affected, like a bad man just killed Uncle wearing blood stained gloves for kids to cut the cake like affectation.

Baidu never is not overbearing, do not give me any explanation, is not, phone, mail is no echo. These 5 years I can say is my most precious youth 5 years, most of my time and energy into the site, the university with my girlfriend I think it is not good enough, not caring for her, away from me, most of the students engaged in other industries, but also basically is there is a chance of setting (promotion management management to do business, also went to do business, the civil service exam, are admitted to the left), I also silly in time by Baidu after K, and beginning a new webmaster. Every night in a rented little room, sleeping on a little crunch bed, holding a pillow, dreaming of my website famous, the traffic has gone up again.

also nearly 30, and I think I want to leave the Internet industry, and I don’t want to be immersed in the webmaster dream every day, every time broken, in the end who killed the industry, in the end who murdered my youth,


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