Li Fang not soft not hard soft Wen is really valuable soft Wen

do network marketing these days, listen to a Google on network marketing lecture, deep feeling. At the same time with A5 for a long time, published many articles, naturally experience what is the true value of what kind of articles can only be used as a small chain, what kind of articles can bring real reputation for you, what kind of articles can only bring some IP to you.

of course, personal experience is always insignificant, say wrong, but also hope webmaster friends criticism correction.


name must be soft and soft, what is "soft"? The real value, in any case can not see advertising, where people feel you described the good intentions, the so-called "soft", said that, this article is advertising for you, but for the reader is valuable the information.

but many friends tend to feel soft this, but ignore another important factor: soft, hard! So what is "hard"? That is make soft reading "total", and will be able to trap, follow your ideas to your advertisement, you study the ads, even your advertising experience. If the written text can reach this point, so that achieve success and win recognition for the website, not only can get huge traffic, but also can obtain the visitor’s identity depth; for products, can not only get the order, but also increase the reputation in the invisible.

first of all, the content of the soft must be close to your target advertising, or similar.

see a lot of friends to write the text, as boundless as the sea and sky broad range, but think about the true meaning of this article want to express, but found wide of the mark. Take the side of the webmaster, you are engaged in online sales, you write the article is "how to improve Baidu included, finally still at the end abruptly with a link, then this article what role? Rarely, basically is to add a chain, if you can give bring the flow of words, I am sure, are garbage flows, will not have any effect on your order.

so there are many webmaster friends complain about why the article reprinted so much, but it did not bring substantive help, this is the soft Wen and advertising related reasons. Like the Google Adsense ad, if the page and advertising related degree, then the price will be high; if the page and advertising correlation is low, then the unit price will be very low.

We can refer to

before I wrote an article about ".Htaccess online editor" description of the article, I spent a lot of energy to build such an article written, accurate and specific, and there are many unknown tips. At the same time, I also recommend myself to do that.Htaccess generator page. The same day, this soft Wen brought me more than 700 IP. And this effect is long-lasting, because many people find this editor really better than its

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