Have you made money on local websites Three months from 0 to 3000 yuan monthly income

for the first time to write articles, articles impassability, you webmaster brothers under understanding. This article writes to the persistent operation local website, at present has not made money the stationmaster brothers.

in order not to mislead people, hereby solemnly declare: I share is a very difficult and very difficult, if there is no firm and indomitable spirit, do not endure all kinds of injustice friends don’t try.

I am 80 years later, 30 years old this year, is a failure of the webmaster. 07 years began to do local station, when it was work, while doing the station, 07 years -09 years, the site using PHPCMS do, and development is very good. Search my city name, my natural ranking in the first page. Later, because of my mistakes, the procedures for customers, and finally replaced the empire. After such a toss, the weight of the site completely gone. In early 2010, my site Baidu included 0. Here, my experience is not to make a big revision easily. Don’t change the website program easily. After a year of rehabilitation, now is gradually recovering from the website weight.

I quit my job 09 years ago and rented a stall in the computer city to start a business. While doing business, while doing web site, personal reasons, business is not done, the site did not do well. Important changes have taken place at home. 09 years, -10 years, is the worst year of my life. At the same time I faced two choices, is to continue to do the station? Or switch to do anything else? I chose to do stand, to continue.

first of all, I began to reflect on what kind of local website can make money and how to make money. What I can sum up is service. Some special projects make money. Because I personally do not have a high degree of Education (junior high school culture) can sum up only those. In October 2010, I began to minor revision website again, in the original only classification information on the basis of increasing the business site module. Here, thanks to the imperial CMS, after more than a month of exploration, I made the self-service station building module. According to different sectors of the business, tailored to different merchant sites.

the weather began to get cold in the Northeast in November. I began to print brochures, print business cards, and began to move from behind the scenes to the front desk. Sell my website, sell my business, help yourself. The first day. The first one I went to is a handicraft factory, to tell you the truth, the first time to sell, I was nervous and disturbed. I lingered around the door for a moment before knocking. When I found the manager of the arts and crafts factory, the answer was simple. We didn’t need it. Next is the same process, one day, I only find a beauty salon, willing to set up here free of charge. Site building process is very simple, businesses register a ID, I take some photos, and then use my carry on the old notebook, began to site production site. Finished businesses are satisfied, and finally guide the business how to operate the background?. The first day ended in a dismal second days, 3 businesses, third days, 3 businesses, fourth days, 4 businesses…… A week went by and I found that there were only more than 10 businesses in this week, and there was only one

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