How to do a good movie station so that small flow has great benefits

movie owners how to improve traffic and make money, this is all the movie owners concerned about the topic. movie stationmaster now for you dispel doubts, share my to do station experience,


first says movie station traffic,

because Baidu included the movie station more stringent, and included in the new time is now 2 weeks or so, a fast slow, but is about 10 days or so, so the new movie station and your new domain name must be more than 10 days Baidu only included a page, and the PR is updated every 3 months. The last update is number 5.1, so if you want to improve the PR value, we must be more than 3 months, so it’s down, your new station if not 3 months, you stand flow in addition to their own propaganda and some flow exchange alliance exchange traffic, Baidu and other search traffic to less and less.

if you are a movie station, can join the movie station flow alliance, such as search Lele, but the demand is higher, it is not recommended to join the new station, you can join the you send, flow to the flow of the exchange rate is good, great! Pay attention to one thing: the movie station join the swap chain and site navigation is not recommended, because what kind of station, not only is the movie station, and the traffic is not often to exchange visitors, because they will think you are pictures or other delays in station station, after coming off. So I recommend the movie station to improve traffic, the first is Baidu, and the second is a specialized film traffic exchange alliance. Of course, some professional exchange movie stations, site navigation can also join


finished saying traffic, making money,

movie station put some GG, but I do not recommend, I put the movie station GG was K by K, there are several possible, just one you must be standing for GG K, the NPC white propaganda. If someone in the movie station flow, recommended to put the Baidu theme, if the movie station the flow quantity is little, recommended to put some of the more seductive advertising code, because most of the people for the movie lust, they see what color will go to the point, which is known to everyone.

movie station if you want to open, you have to at least about 10 days after the 3 months included Baidu, PR update, the movie station just stick to it, there is always one day earn more than 5000 yuan a month, now is the best movie station to get traffic to make money the best station, I hope you can stick to it! The station like Baidu search on the first page the station which is not more than 1 years, so you listen to my right


finally, I’d like to write the most useful words for my webmaster,

personal website in your insistence, but blindly adhere to, painful insist, as early as give up.

happiness is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with wealth, age or environment. Have a contented heart, and happiness is on you. If you want to be happy, don’t let yourself get depressed. To be happy is not to increase your wealth, but to lower your desires

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