Cause analysis on my guest station is right down the weight

I lose weight the most effective weight-loss drug station was established in April this year, the main keyword I is "the most effective weight-loss drug", about two months after the rise in the establishment of the primary key, and to the first page of Baidu, and several deputy with long tail keywords, such as diet pills, diet pills than Taobao Taobao is the most effective on the best diet, the best diet pills are to the first page or even the first page, where the heart is very happy, we all know that weight loss products profits are very high, when the time is 1000 yuan fee each month, and then sell products from it a month plus more than 3000 dollars! Think of website to build more than two months with this achievement, feeling really good.

but recently I found good times don’t last long, the website keyword rankings I started to decline, beginning from the first page of the third fell to the bottom second, and then second pages to present here when I engage in check "the most effective weight-loss drug" found that I have to shut the station third page fourth, just half a month of time fell to the third page, I am very sad ah, of course, other related long tail keywords ranking also declines, Taobao the most effective weight-loss drug is the original home of the second, now at fifth, several other will no longer say the. This makes me have to settle down to analyze the reasons for the decline in rankings. Throughout the whole process, I feel that the reasons for the drop are mainly as follows:

one, the chain was deleted a lot of

we all know that the chain for a website ranking role, can not be ignored. My chain is mostly from the forum posts, and many of these posts are not my original, this may lead to Baidu "hate" and deleted; another reason is that in the post operation method is not mature enough, when I signed up for a forum as long as the forum will post, I send with links to posts, it is easy to cause a day or half a day was found to remove the administrator of this posting, from the page caused an invalid link on Baidu too much.

summary: everyone in the post should be careful, don’t go up to send links with the poster, it is easy to cause the result even if Baidu is removed, your post, may stop for a period it will disappear from Baidu, causing the chain loss.

two, website revision

in the past few months, my homepage has changed three pages, I always feel that my homepage is not beautiful enough, so I can see a beautiful website just like someone else’s modification. In fact, this is the big SEO! Every change a version of the home page keyword density and position will change, thus resulting in a closed word key words appear frequency instability, don’t trust caused by Baidu, from the page may be down right on the site.

sum up: before you do the website, you must plan the templates and keywords of the website and the title of the homepage first. Once you have fixed it, you must not change it, especially the title "Yan"

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