From the domain name trading new developments short domain name short wonderful

short domain because of its short memory and easy access, the market at home and abroad are more popular, and more and more domestic and foreign companies and websites for short application domain also attaches great importance to the acquisition, short domain operators and web site brand case is often seen, the author found that the recent overseas market short domain domain name by buying and enable the case is more frequent, short domain name value increasing.

The enterprise website

and various areas for short domain name applications become more and more attention, and enable its acquisition of abbreviations short domain name is not a few, such as the Yingkou network platform in the field of life China recently successfully purchased CC short domain name, the investment industry Guangxi Investment Group Co to enable short domain name, third media enable short domain of the media industry, game ninth city company has recently successfully enabled short domain line launched its new web game site, the education sector should be mutual technology of nearly 200 thousand yuan acquisition of domain name

from the above example we can see that short domain name application range and all areas of life, games, investment, media have enabled short domain case, and each industry and enable short domain type diversification, digital + Pinyin tone Pinyin abbreviations, abbreviations and other types, while the other has some short domain name suffix in the domestic market, especially with the CN suffix Pinyin abbreviation short domain name is subject to domestic enterprises and sites like, this type of short domain wide application.

the same short domain plays an important role in the foreign market, trading at high prices and enabled many cases, short digital domain on offshore platform with 29000 euros about the sale price of 260 thousand yuan, short domain name for $24500 about 160 thousand yuan price of the transaction, domain name for $80000. The price auction, about RMB 540 thousand the real estate company Mid-America Apartment Communities yuan, the price of nearly 430 thousand yuan to buy the domain name abbreviation enterprise.

from the above example can be seen in the foreign market short domain name market is also optimistic, short domain name transaction is in the mainstream of suffixes of type COM, the transaction is short domain name in 1 to 3 characters, of course, other suffixes short domain name transactions in foreign markets is also indispensable for a class of short domain name.

at the end of the paper, the author thinks that the domain name and domain name Pinyin English although occupy a large share of the domestic and foreign domain market, but with the enterprise and website of short domain value, short domain name in the domestic market plays a significant role in the future, short domain more commercial value, it is acquired and enable the case will increase, short the domain names will be affected by domestic and foreign enterprises and domain lovers attention.

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