How to take the first step of website analysis top do you know your website status

do you often see this kind of doubt: "using a web analytics tool, but what exactly does the data represent? How do you use the data?"". In order to solve these problems, this chapter will introduce how to interpret the data provided by the website and how to use the data flexibly, which is the first step of the website analysis.

, do you have the status quo of your website,


presumably the reader of this article should be someone who works in the field of web analytics, so I’d like to ask you a question about how to use web analytics tools effectively,


the so-called effective use of website analysis tools, refers to the use of Web site analysis, a good grasp of the status of the site, analysis of the status of the site, and explore solutions and improve the series of processes.

in this article, I’d like to explain the ways of thinking and how to implement the very important part of the process [mastering the status quo]. Although only a grasp of the status quo, but not to be taken lightly. Without the grasp of the present situation, it is impossible to make an accurate analysis. Without proper analysis, no proper measures can be taken. So how do you master the status quo,


sees all kinds of data, there’s a notion of "

" in mind

has two things to look at when it comes to mastering the status of a web site. One is to master what [two], and the other is [how] to master.

I would like to have the concept of PV (web browsing), number of visitors, conversion rate, average residence time and so on in everyone’s mind. But here we must not ignore the main body of the data – the user, the visitor to the site.

The number of

PV (web pages), the number of visitors, the conversion rate, the average length of stay, etc. are all calculated by the website visitors’ behavior in the website. So, in the grasp of the site status quo at the same time, the heart should always think about [these values are the user in the site of a series of behavior portrayal).

How should

master the status of the site,


from the conclusion, the user’s behavior within a website can be divided into a number of processes, and then analysis of the overall situation is very effective. Each process can be used as the unit to study the optimization plan, and it can be analyzed according to the following 4 aspects:

1. visits the web site (where the user accesses the site)

2. landing page (which page the user first jumped into)

3. in the station jump (user through what kind of jump, eventually reached a transformation)

4. conversion process (whether the user has reached a transformation)

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