Discussion on profit model of local classified information websites

now has more and more classified information websites. Usually webmaster busy, very few enterprises in operation. The main reason is that such websites are harder to make. Especially nationwide classified information sites. 05 years ago, Ganji, 58 and other classified information stations have been many VCs, the entire industry is optimistic about, is definitely a potential stock. Regional classification information station how to operate, especially where the profit point, but we are all concerned about the webmaster.

hangs Google Adsense, Baidu affiliate advertising, Ali mom is our easiest to do. In fact, the regional classification stations have a great advantage over the national classification stations:

1, regional advantages. Regional classification stations should be very understanding of the local, including residents of life, shopping, entertainment and so on habits, access to local information more convenient, even if you want to do market research, relatively foreign companies also come convenient.

2, resource advantages. The integration of local resources is relatively simple, targeted and effective.

3, customer base. It is easy to distinguish the source of users, hobbies, habits, the use of people, this resource is also relatively convenient, relatively simple communication.

general classification site access to the largest number of channels is property, commercial services. These are the most commonly used in the daily life of local residents. The purpose of classification information is to facilitate residents to find daily demand information quickly, accurately and in a timely manner. The division of regional organization information is the first to be done by the large scale classified information websites such as Ganji and 58.

national classification of information stations generally in a region or part of the development of better. It’s hard to do well all over the country. After all, the classification information needs the support of local information. Local enterprises or individuals do classification stations, in which a great advantage.

where are our profit models coming from,


was the first to mimic a nationwide classification site. For example, go to market like this. At the same time strengthening the classification publishing function, charging bidding or recommendation is a good choice. Membership recharge, spend a little points, you can put advertising, demand, supply information in the first place. Imitate them hanging Google, Adsense and other ads.

second, regional advantages. For large classification stations, combined with the local specific market, for merchants and enterprises services. Of course, membership recharge is also part of the business tenants, but we can launch more professional services for the industry. Take the Nanjing real estate, such as "real estate" channel, we can optimize the industry term "Nanjing property" Nanjing housing network "" Nanjing second-hand housing ", allowing users to use search engines to find your classification station. Professional local real estate network HOUSE365 through this way to obtain a lot of customers. At the same time, professional customers bring professional merchants and enterprises. Professional merchants also bring professional information resources. Real estate enterprises are also optimistic about your classified channels, a lot of advertising costs will be thrown. He.

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