Actual case new approach to improving website viscosity and liveness

personal feeling to go through many levels, and dedicated to the community to fill the content, do SEO optimization, Baidu included, have to register, after registration also tried to drive users to participate in the community topic, hope they become long-term users. When your users when rising, you have not thought about the users in the community walk are doing what? They are about what you are really interested in? We are going to discuss how to directly understand your users, so that they really move, let your community alive.

do you know what your users like,


from what can you know what your users like? The most intuitive of your community post visits and replies. Most of the time this data is frustrating, especially for some new webmasters. Obviously, the website’s PV is increasing, but the rate of reply is not growing fast. Can you judge the preferences of the users with this part of the data? Is it accurate enough? This time, you may ignore groups of tourists who make up most of your site’s visitors.

take a practical website to see:


data that what you see? For personal website, online at the same time, almost 2000 people to look for good grades, but only 87 of them are registered members, the rest of the visitors are tourists, tourists in the proportion as high as 95%. Visitors can only see how we know not to reply, for visitors most of the people what they love? Although we can hold a good fantasy, as long as they see are interested in content, they will reply to the registration, but the conversion rate is often less satisfactory.

How does

improve visitor participation

1, most of the new owners income is not too high, if you want to form a union website through the promotion of the huge costs, and the effect of continuity is very poor, as long as a stop advertising, registration will soon fall, the conversion rate of users is not high, this is a burn Dutch act the.

2, activities, must organize website activities. The hardest part of human communication is the first step to opening the atrium. For visitors to click on a few steps, you need a break through to sign up for your site, and activity is the most effective way to break through your user’s heart. And there are several advantages to Organizing Web activity:

the main part of the activity is on your website;

activity is one of the most attractive attractions for visitors;

activity is the easiest way for users to remember your website;

network activities have no geographical restrictions and no trade restrictions;

the cost can be very low.

of course, it’s important to think of a good participatory approach and an attractive incentive mechanism to attract users to your activities. < >

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