in fact is a grassroots webmaster

      often look at webmaster nets, can not help but want to write something, but every time I write it all feel uncomfortable, and I don’t know why. Maybe this feeling is exactly the same as what I do on my website. I’m always pursuing something that feels like that. It may not be a good idea to try to feel good about yourself, but there are always two things, good and bad.

web site for more than a year’s time, I was a pure rookie webmaster, is a grass-roots webmaster, I was a junior high school graduates, Chengdu to read a week of school, but what did not learn, because I think its in the idling mix inside the school for three years, is inferior to me directly to the outside society around three years, so I made a sorry my newspaper teacher decided to start my life career. 5 years, 5 years I have done a lot of occupation, I in a small restaurant to do odd jobs, doing reinforcement in the construction industry, maintenance of electronic games in Chengdu, I was in a restaurant inside the washing bowl…… I do not know 5 years so I had it, but every time I feel that is for me to leave the feeling that should not be such is my future, now is the most difficult time, no more pain. So I’m now head of a company’s general manager. In this regard, I also want to say to those who are still hard friends, adhere to the dream can be achieved, the key is to see whether you persist in the end.

continues to pull things. Website.

2007, by chance, I started my career on the web. In the absence of contact website before, I think the site should be a relatively simple matter, but after it was found, that simple, but hard to say, for I like this without technology no place learning website webmaster, really too difficult. I bought a lot of space, and now also bought dozens of CN domain name, but not a few. At the beginning, I used a friend sent me a space and domain name, because the domain name and a network of stone, I always feel that the feeling is not very good when use, so I will spend tens of dollars to buy a COM domain and a 100M space. The new cloud program is suitable for the novice webmaster, so I chose the new home of the cloud, and then select the forum is dynamic, but at that time I will only use the default template for the official, I don’t know about this import templates, I looked at other people’s forum template is very beautiful, very envious, I just want to find a program, so that period of time, my program will always come and go, very unstable. I do not have a computer, I have a switch program is in the Internet bar, every night after work, I will pass the program in the Internet bar. After, a website fellow told me that you can change templates after things, I just know, the original novice webmaster basically have to walk a lot of detours.

site, novice Adsense is not easy, no new technology >

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