Five reasons for responding positively to blog reader comments

is only for the articles like a text is not dull as ditch water, or to answer questions and discussion. This has even become a rule, and even for some people it has become a standard for blogging – not answering any questions or discussions of readers. For those bloggers with lots of comments, bloggers are obviously hard to respond to every comment. But you have to respond to some brilliant comments, right,


the fact is that most blogs aren’t what they’re called (blogs are also one of the few blogs). So, do we have to go back to the blog?. But in fact – many people can’t do it. I once said that even if your site has been built, the work is not over yet. You must put all your efforts into improving your essay and listening to all the comments left behind by the article. Learn to treat every blogger on your blog (everyone can discuss blog building with me).

for the past few months, I’ve been trying my best to answer every reader’s comment on my blog to see what happens. The result is surprising. My readers are very grateful to me for being able to answer their questions and even send emails to me to thank them. So what are the benefits of responding positively to blog readers? Why should you take some time to answer your readers and boil down to 5 reasons:

1. is good for encouraging people to comment,

if you ignore the reader’s comment, the reader won’t make any comment on your blog. By responding, you not only let people know that you care very much about the reader’s opinions, but that you encourage them to comment later. In addition, readers who do not often comment will feel your enthusiasm when they know that they have received a response.

2. is good for improving the quality of your article

readers who respond to this article tend to know something about the field, and you can gain more knowledge by reading their opinions and then improve your quality. Your views will be sublimated, and new ideas will be raised, and questions will be answered…… This process is the process of improving the quality of your article.

in addition, new readers will also join the discussion and publish their personal opinions.

3. is good for SEO

readers’ comments, to some extent, are beneficial to SEO, although the function is not obvious. The more opinions (including your own) mean the more relevant keywords, the easier it is for a search engine to catch your blog. In addition, some of the content that your article has not yet mentioned can be mentioned in the comments, which is also beneficial to SEO. (for example, your article is about Norton Antivirus, but in the comments, how did you kill the virus?)


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