Reduce the areas that are considered as spam

in order to avoid spam is identified as spam by these filtering methods, we should pay attention to the following problems.

1. checks if the server IP address is on the blacklist.


selects a mail server, it should check whether the server provider’s IP address is listed on the main garbage blacklist.

users can query their servers on the Internet in real time, and whether IP addresses are blacklisted. Of course, the use of the process can not rule out some users to send spam affecting other users. If the mail delivery rate and reading rate are greatly reduced, you should always monitor the IP address in the main blacklist.

2. note notes written in

(1) in the message header and text are to minimize the use of sensitive, often using typical spam words, such as English Viagra, loans, pornographic pictures, awards, winning, and Chinese, free gifts, promotions, invoices, tax avoidance, workshops, financial discount, etc.. Not to say that the words themselves have any problems, nor is it entirely useless, but as little as possible, so as not to trigger the garbage filter algorithm.

(2) use exclamation marks less, use less exaggerated colors, especially bold red fonts. This is typical of spam, a commonly used way to attract attention. If it’s English mail, don’t capitalize many words.

(3) do not use explicitly fictitious strings in the message content, title, and sender name. For example, some spammers wouldn’t tell others their real names and write the letters just in the sender name. Maintenance of spam filtering algorithm is not stupid, this kind of random strings are usually rather baffling spam features just.

(4) HTML mail code should be concise and reduce the use of pictures. Although HTML mail allows pictures to be used to beautify mail, pictures should be kept at the lowest proportion compared to text. The more pictures you have, the higher the garbage score you’re likely to hit.

3. registration process notes

(1) a thank you page and confirmation post after the user submits the registration form. It should remind the user to add your domain name and email address to the user’s own whitelist and address book. The mail client software usually has whitelist options in the garbage filter settings, and most free mail providers such as YAHOO, Hotmail, and Gmail also have corresponding settings. Storing e-mail addresses in the address book also has the same effect.

(2) if a message has been filtered to the junk e-mail folder, click to remind users not spam "button to tell the filter error of judgment, the feedback will be filtering mail server statistics and using the algorithm in the future.

(3) gives the user the easiest and most convenient way to unsubscribe. All posts sent to the user

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