Today’s network outsourcing services grasp the details in order to win win situation

I am a programmer, has been engaged in the development, the PHP project 06, 07 years in the network often outsourcing development to do two times the development of some open source program and separate the entire station. For a long time not to do outsourcing services, because now the network outsourcing service is uneven, prices fell a lot, I am not willing to do self-worth, so push away a lot of single, the middle stop for nearly 1 years or so, the middle seen too much because for low price programmers do the results, after all, money has not disappeared, the program is a problem, can not find people to remedy, find me, I don’t want to accept the natural outsourcing, just give him some advice, did not understand why these customers are in the program do not have to check the blind acceptance, pay? For the hearts of customers, and has been connected with single programmer’s psychology is not very understanding. Such a long time to stop, the company has been busy work, ignoring the network outsourcing, calm down, think carefully, but did not understand the truth has been figured out: people have mental laziness, and unilateral customers are no exception.

1. customers because they do not understand the program, so access to the program, because of the trouble, go to check one by one function a bit, even if it is just a check, check a surface, a lot of details are not clear, because it was just a test by the self function demand has need some of the features, but should have been there, but neglected, put into actual use, but found a demand is not good, even it is not done, then find someone can’t find.

2. unilateral, because the program to do a lot of repetitive work, these already very tired, plus as a programmer, itself is very easy to overlook some of the specific details of the testing problem, if detected by customers hastily, the unilateral will simply end more than half. This is not to meet the unilateral irresponsible, it is human nature. Two days ago I received an outsourcing, do two times a dedecms development, for a long time not to do so, do very carefully, some directories, files, data table what has been done to automatically create the function to do the transplant procedure as simple as possible, so that customers save a lot of work and I also save a lot of work Follow-Up Services, both save a lot of trouble and additional follow-up, do the work, but I spent more than 10 minutes. So I’ve figured out why, as part of the job, some parts of the work can not be omitted, and a few minutes, 10 minutes, will save a lot of trouble for the future. It was too lazy to do some work than to the customer, leaving some defects, caused him a notoriety, no longer to return loss better how many times? Obviously this is obviously. Here is my little ad, you do not laugh at

himself nearly 5 years of PHP development experience, the middle of the large and small stations have done countless

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